Inagurual Gator's Dockside TinyWhoop Race.

We are hosting a TinyWhoop FPV race at Gator's Dockside in Highland City, FL. We will be racing for $300 in prize money. 

Limited to brushed motors 8mm MAX and drones must be ducted.

The race will be a double elimination race.

Race Rules

  • 32 Pilot Tournament (if less then 32 register, our system will randomize seeding and some pilots may have a BYE in the first round)
  • Pilots Head to Head (2 Minute Rounds).
  • $5 Registration Fee
  • The pilot in 1st position after 2 minutes wins the race
  • Double Elimination Brackets. You have to lose twice to be out. The winner bracket finalist has to be defeated twice by the losers bracket finalist
  • Each race will utilize the same two frequencies (R2 and R7). You will be assigned your frequency during registration
  •  If you are not present at the start of your race within a reasonable amount of time, the race director can declare a forfeit. We have a lot of races to run and need to keep the pace going. Please pay attention to when you are about to race.
  • Do not power on a video transmitter when another pilot is already in the air or during an actual race.
  • Come Prepared: You must know what frequencies you have access to and how to change to them.
  • Enjoy yourself and the great people around you!

Register and Pay

Gator's Dockside August 18th 2018 Event

Registration for Gator's Dockside Tiny Whoop Event August 18th, 2018.
  • Price: $5.00
    Register 1 Pilot at a time!
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Here is a short video taken while flying a TinyWhoop, just in case you have never seen or heard of these drones.


Already Registered Pilots

Name (First) Callsign
Perry vileperson
Ian Kwad Krasher
Joshua Boagie
Sean CitraFPV
Felix CloudBurnFPV
John Mr.V.FPV
Jacob DaddyFPV
Allen DaozrgnFPV
Leonardo LeoLandings
Matt AirVizion
Marc Don Pino
Matthew BubbaFPV
Mario Riofpv
Marcus Kastle
Evan Flow-rider
Bear bearfpv
Derixk Phlyfish_FPV